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We are committed to a co-ordinated approach to creating and communicating an international wrapper for UK BIM and ensuring a smooth transition in the integration of BS EN ISO 19650 series within our suite. Collectively we will develop and champion one single set of guidance in a clear and concise manner to support industry understanding of BIM standards and their implementation.

About UK BIM Framework

The UK BIM Framework sets out the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the framework for managing information provided by the ISO 19650 series. It includes:

About Building Information Modelling

What is ‘building information modelling according to the ISO 19650 series’? ‘Building information modelling (BIM) according to the ISO 19650 series’ is about getting benefit through better specification and delivery of just the right amount of information concerning the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, using appropriate technologies. This helps deliver the efficiencies and savings envisaged by the UK Government and others. The ISO 19650 series applies throughout the whole life cycle of an asset and it applies to all types of asset in the built environment – buildings, infrastructure and the systems and components within them. A successful outcome from adopting the processes in ‘BIM according to the ISO 19650 series” would have the following features: Clear definitions for the information needed by the project client or asset owner, and for the standards, methods, processes, deadlines and protocols that will govern its production and review. The quantity and quality of information produced being just sufficient to satisfy the defined information needs, whilst not compromising health and safety or security. Too much information represents wasted effort by the supply chain and too little means clients/owners take uninformed decisions about their projects/assets. Efficient and effective transfer of information between those involved in each part of the life cycle – particularly within projects and between project delivery and asset operation. Informed and timely decision making. The ultimate result would be the efficiencies gained through reduction of waste/rework in the design, construction, operation and maintenance activities plus the reduction of risk.

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